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It’s the shortest month of the year, yet February seems to drag by the slowest. The days are (still) short, the cold weather is (still) around and beach weather is (still) months away. While the temptation to set serious exercise aside until the temperature rises above freezing is strong, resist it for the sake of long-term fitness goals. Brave the demotivating month, and take on the February Fitness Blahs with these 5 tips!

1.  Team Up Against the Blahs

February has a way of defeating even the most motivated fitness enthusiast, but it doesn’t stand a chance against a united front! Working out is better together, so gather a team of friends, or even a partner, and stay on track together. Sign up for a team activity, such as GoBounce or Zumba, or plan smaller group workouts in advance. Keep the workout team accountable by enforcing a “no cancellation policy” that requires anyone who cancels to throw cash into a fun fund to be spent on dinner at the end of the season.

2.  Try Something New

Finding it challenging to stick to your old routine? Make a new one! February is the perfect time to try a new fitness class, such as Yoga, GoStrength, or GoBalance. Not only will stepping outside your comfort zone combat boredom, but trying new activities will prevent exercise plateau.

3.  Revisit New Year’s Resolutions

In retrospect, the seven-day-a-week/ 5-hour-a-day workout plan and raw vegetable-based diet plan was probably doomed from the beginning. Don’t let falling off New Year’s resolutions be an excuse for giving in until next January 1. Instead, set new, realistic goals with a few check-in points between now and Spring. Now that the holiday bills are (hopefully) paid off, consider investing in a fitness tracker, such as a FitBit or Jawbone, to track these (new) New Year’s resolutions and keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

4.  Meal prep!

Its all in the preparation.  Try and get in the routine of preparing your meals.  We know its a pain the back side, but it will pay dividend by the end of the month.  Try starting with just your snacks for the day.  Nuts and dried / fresh fruits & hard boiled eggs are just a few ideas, alternatively you can buy some good high protein snack bars and dont forget to hydrate .. water is essential and can help starve off hunger!

5. Sign Up for a Spring Race

The cold weather has to end at some point, and when it does, there will be road races abound! Start training now for a 5K, 10k, half-marathon or mud run/obstacle race. A short term race goal will provide that extra motivation needed to put the cold front behind you and commit to your Winter cardio.

author: GO-Admin