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Confessions of a comfortable 47 year mother

Confessions of a comfortable 47 year mother

By GO-Admin 0

So after nearly a month of drinking every known red wine in Europe and gorging myself silly on Christmas dinners, the thought of doing some activity popped into my head!  I just couldn’t deal with another cheese board followed by coffee with mini mince-pies!  And ‘that’ thought popped into my head when I was getting dressed for work … well trying too!

It was a Monday morning, I’d jumped out the shower and was feeling positive, ready to take on the week … when all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, my hour glass figure was gone and all I was left with the outline of woman the size of Great Britain!

Now I’m not going to pretend I had the figure of a super model, far from it.  I was a snug 14 (in some cloths) but in reality I felt comfortable in size 16-18 cloths.  And there is my first point .. I felt comfortable!  I felt comfortable in my cloths, I felt comfortable in myself and most importantly I felt comfortable on the sofa!  I guess I’d just got comfortable full stop.  Life had thrown at me the long and tedious commute to London, the sedentary office job with boozy lunches on Fridays and then kids .. KIDS!!  I think every woman who has had kids can appreciate what I’m about to say .. I love my children to the stars and back, but they ruined my body!  And this was the beginning of my ‘comfort’ years.

I had to do something but the thought of walking into a gym was terrifying.  I searched the internet and for the first time came across a Ladies Only Health Club.  This sounded a lot more ‘comfortable’  so I called and made an appointment to look around and ended up joining.  Initially this eased my conscience and to fair was the easy part.  The hard bit was about to start.  Getting to the gym was, and still is the hardest part of the process.  Life is so busy, especially with 2 kids and you can always find excuses not to get to the gym.

The environment and atmosphere is perfect for me, no mirrors, no glamourous girls covered in make-up, dressed in skimpy lycra and the concept is great.  The 30minute circuit is easy, quick and I get a good all over body workout.  The staff are very friendly and made me feel relaxed and welcomed  and are always on hand to help you .. which I did need to start with.

I now make it a priority to get to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week, otherwise my self-esteem suffers tremendously.  I’m also eating a sensible and healthy diet which the girls helped with.  Last week I had my 2 re-assessment and was pleased to learn that I had lost nearly all the baby weight and had dropped a dress size.  I have more energy, my self-confidence is better and I feel I’ve taken control of my health.

author: GO-Admin