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I can remember the moment it happened, that turning point that changed everything. As the sun shone down on me through my bedroom window, I smiled at myself as I looked in the mirror and saw my Mum smiling back. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Mum dearly, but at the age of 42, I wasn’t yet ready to look like her!

You could say I’m a vain kind of person, I hold my hands up to that completely, but how come I hadn’t noticed the cellulite and love handles, hugging themselves on my once youthful body? I know we all reach a certain age and our bodies, through no lack of attention, or expense for that matter, just don’t look quite as good as they used to. Over the years, I’ve tried every fashionable diet and ground-breaking home-exercise toy known to man, anything in fact that promises a miracle, but the reality is, without activity we generally put on weight.  A healthy & balanced diet is essential, drinking litres of water daily is undeniably effective and good genes can help, however we all know that our bodies will slowly and surely increase in size if we’re not active enough.

Does that sound familiar? Are your holiday snap shots under a lot more scrutiny these days, or have you like me, relocated them to the recycle bin? And it’s not helped by the fact that all around us, glossy magazines portray beautiful (if not invariably air-brushed) images of flawless celebrities, who we know to be the same age as us, if not older!

So, there I was, at the tender age of 42, staring into a mirror. I decided there and then that something needed to be done and if they could still look great in their fifth decade, then so could I!

I’d heard of Go30, but needed to find out more about it.  Would their concept of 30minutes of exercise 3 times per week really work?

Go30 was founded in 2010 and was developed to attract ladies of all ages who felt intimidated, conscience and basically judged in the typical gym environment.  The vast majority of gyms are dominated by the young and beautiful, with loud music.  This isn’t the environment I find welcoming or motivating, especially when I have men googling at me whilst I bounce on the treadmill.

I’d been recommended to the Romford club by a close friend. The initial tour by a very nice lady was informative and reassuring and put me very much at ease. There was certainly no pressure to join, but I decided there and then that I was going to give it go.

I was booked in for my induction and under the advice of the fitness instructor, discussed my lifestyle, exercise history, my current diet, took my blood pressure and all my measurements including my weight and calculated my BMI.  I can vouch for it being a relatively painless process, but the hard bit was still to come.  I was then taken and introduced to the Circuit.  The concept of the circuit is very simple and was all written down on my programme card to follow.

I left the gym feeling positive and knew I still had a long way to go.  Of course, when I got home and looked in the mirror, I still saw Mum, and I knew it could take a good 2-3 months to see any real changes to manifest itself.  The day after my first few sessions I did ache a little, but my body quickly got used to the routine.

I have to say that for me personally, the atmosphere is perfect.  I’m not after the latest fitness gadgets or want some body builder looking at me whilst I’m trying to work out how to stop the treadmill from killing me.  The other members are friendly and very encouraging and the gym has a real ‘club’ feel to it.  I guess you could say its where ‘real’ women go to workout.

I had my first re-assessment after 16 weeks and was thrilled with the results.  I’d lost nearly 5kgs and lost nearly 7 inches off my waist and ever since then have not looked back since.

author: GO-Admin