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Telling us exactly how it is .. Feedback from a Barnstaple Member.

By GO-Admin 0

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your phone call, here’s some feedback as promised!

I haven’t been at GO30 long but I have been made to feel so welcome like I have been coming for years, everyone is so friendly the staff and the members!

I feel so comfortable and I actually look forward to going to the gym (I never ever thought I would say that!) For my introduction I had Emma who is amazing, she went through everything with me what my goals were and what we could do to achieve that, she took my measurements, my BMI and blood pressure and as she was so lovely I felt so at ease.  She wrote me a plan based on my goals and when we went through the plan she went through every machine/ exercise with me and demonstrated to show me what to do and then watched me to ensure I was performing the exercise correctly. It is so nice to have such a lovely friendly person who is so easy and approachable there for support!

Laura is also amazing! She is very friendly and when I am working out she always pops over and checks on me and sparks up a conversation which I love as I feel so relaxed, she also makes sure I am performing the exercises correctly and will always motivate and encourage me to do the best I can (she always helps me on my plank and tells me to just count to 5 to do 5 more seconds!) I love that she pushes me to do more as I know I have a lazy attitude when it comes to exercise and if I can get away with doing the minimum I will so having her to motivate me really helps and I am always grateful for it because I can really feel it working.

I haven’t had too much interaction with Rosie and Caitlin as just haven’t had the opportunity to but they are both lovely and I feel comfortable enough to approach them for anything as they are so friendly and always smiling, when I am sitting on the sofa waiting to start or waiting to go home Rosie always talks to me, she is lovely! Caitlin also pops over to check on me when I am working out to ask how I am doing and ensure I am performing the exercises correctly and she always says hello to me when I see her.

I find all the staff amazing and so friendly, it makes me feel so comfortable and an enjoyable experience. The gym itself is perfect, just the right size and all the equipment is ideal it’s not big or scary it’s easy to use and is easy to manage, the exercises I have been given are great although I probably wouldn’t say that at the time as I can definitely feel the burn but at least I know it’s working! I come home and feel like I have worked out and I feel good about it.

The only slight issue and it’s certainly not a big issue and it’s not going to stop me going to the gym is that the toilet is very small but I appreciate that there is probably not much that can be done about that! Just sometimes when I do get changed in the changing rooms I like to use the toilet as it’s the only area where you can changed in private as I have to change out of all my work clothes and the space to move around in the toilet is quite limited but it’s not a massive issue as I tend to get changed before I come to the gym now but I don’t know if it’s a useful suggestion for other members who may also want to change in private?

All in all I absolutely LOVE GO30 its comfortable, friendly, enjoyable and the half hour goes so quickly it’s just perfect, you have converted me into a gym lover !

Sorry it’s so long but I just have nothing but positive things to say about GO30 and I just wanted to make sure I got everything in and everyone got recognition for their amazing work and lovely, friendly and kind personalities. There is no gym like it!

Thanks for making the gym so enjoyable

Tanya Campbell

author: GO-Admin